• Sandee

What's important in evaluating resources?

Updated: Jun 11

When you find a recommended resource here at Thinking To Learn, you should know that I've evaluated these resources while looking for the following characteristics:

  • Ease of use - the resource doesn't require an education degree, a ton of supporting materials or specialized knowledge. It may contain additional instruction and background that assists a parent/tutor in understanding how best to use the resource.

  • Challenging, engaging - appropriately challenging for the age level, without a lot of busy work or boring repetition. Evokes a stretch of a child's thinking skills as opposed to an emphasis on rote memory.

  • Developmental, foundational - teaching or enhancing actual critical thinking skills or core skills which are building blocks for good thinking.

  • Targeted for the need/purpose as defined.

  • Frequently recommended - found and recommended by other parents, teaching organizations, cooperatives and tutors for use.

There are plenty of resources on the market that claim to answer your search for good materials, whether for use in the home school, to supplement school-based learning, or to prepare a child for cognitive abilities tests.

My goal is to cut through as much of that noise as possible and provide you with a review and evaluation you can trust.