• Sandee

Series - Success Enhancing Activities of Smart Parents - #1

Keep a healthy, balanced, and long-term perspective.

Remembering that life is a long journey for our children, and that it involves so much more than test scores and school grades, smart parents adopt a long-term perspective - one which considers the whole life of the whole child and all the positive accomplishments and successes that will accrue to that child during that lifetime.

By taking this perspective, parents stay focused on their child with a proper, broader and more relaxed perspective. Parents with a long-term perspective focus their efforts on ensuring that their child acquires skills that will matter for their entire school career, into college and then into adulthood. They learn both what skills matter and how to guide the development of key life learning, and social-emotional skills.

Smart parents are busy preparing their children for college and life, and they are doing it in a way that enhances their child's future both in and out of school.

These smart parents understand that their child needs more than encouragement to study hard, but actually learning-to-learn skills, skills that can be introduced, reinforced and encouraged at home.

Smart parents know what core thinking skills are. These habits of mind will be important for success in school and in life. These parents are in the process of making sure their children learn and develop them.

They have considered that they have an important - if not the key role in helping their child develop and learn. They take a long-term view on all of this, develop a plan and execute. An exceptional future is what they see, what they want for their child, and what they plan for.