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Developing Critical Thinking Through Science - Book 2

Table of Contents

 Developing Critical Thinking Through Science Book 2 - Grades 4-8

Grades 4-8







Activities 1-5--Process Skills
Observation, Inference, and Opinion
Classification Stretch!
Classification--One Property
Classification--Two Properties
Classification--Venn Diagrams

Activities 6-9--Force, Movement, Work, Systems, and Weight
Force, Movement, and Work
Forces in a System
Earth Pull
Forces in Other Systems

Activities 10-13--States of Matter
Change of State--Ice Cube Melt
Change of State--Dissolving Seltzer Tablet
Condensation--Changing Gases to Liquids
Making a Gas

Activities 14-19--Mass, Volume, and Density
Mass, Volume, and Density--Population Density
Mass, Volume, and Density--Squashed Cotton
The Density of Oil and Water
Wave Machines
Colorful Layered Liquids
Floating and Sinking--Ice, Alcohol, and Water

Activities 20-26--Air Pressure--The Pressure of the Atmosphere
Air Pressure
The Pressure of the Atmosphere
The Cup and the Card
The Burning Candle
The Rising Water
Pressure--Force and Area
The Cartesian Diver Submarines

Activities 27-30--Heat, Expansion, and the Movement of Molecules
Expanding Air With Heat--the Rising Balloon
Heat and the Movement of Molecules
The Egg in the Bottle
The Collapsed Can

Activities 31-35--The Transfer of Heat
Heat--the Density of Hot and Cold Water
Heat Transfer--Convection
Heat Transfer--Conduction
Heat Transfer--Radiation
Heat and Insulation

Activities 36-42--Flight and Aerodynamics
Speed and Force of Air
The Ball and the Funnel
The Card and the Spool
Airplane Wings--the Flight of Airplanes
The Flattened Card
Tornado in a Bottle
The Atomizer

Activities 43-47--The Speed of Falling Bodies
Falling Bodies--Does Weight Make a Difference?
Falling Bodies--Does Size, Shape, or Weight Make a Difference?
Falling Bodies and Air Resistance
Swinging Pendulums--the Length
Swinging Pendulums--the Weight

Activities 48-49--Graphing, The Flight of Helicopters, and Controlling Variables
Twirling Copters!
More Twirling Copters!

Activities 50-52--The Flight of Rockets and Action-Reaction
Rocket Power
More Rocket Power!
Two-state Balloon Rockets!

Activities 53-58--Inertia and the Flight of Satellites
Inertia--Riding in Cars
The Nickel, the Card, and the Cup
Tricky Nickels
The Glass of Water and the Paper
The Sock on the String
Whirling Water!

Activities 59-63--Surface Tension
Domed Pennies
Sticky Water!
Less Sticky Water!
The Funnel and Soapy Water
Racing Pepper!

Activities 65-65--Bubbles
Big Bubbles
Enormous Bubbles

Activities 66-69--Sound
Sound Vibrations
Traveling Sound
Variations in Sound

Activities 69-73--Light--Reflection and Refraction
How We See Objects
The Path of Light
The Rising Nickel
The Broken Pencil
Changing an Arrow's Direction

Activities 74-80--Magnetism and Electricity
A Magnet's Poles
Magnetic Fields
What Kinds of Objects Are Magnetic?
Making an Electromagnet
Static Electricity
Electrical Circuits
What Completes a Circuit?
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